Get $30k - $1m To Fund Your Ad Spend Today For Free!
 No equity dilution or loss of control
 Free funding (all the way down to 0%) & flexible payments when you work with our agency
 No personal guarantees
 Free funding when you choose us as your agency to manage your Facebook Ads.
 24 hour application process

Some Of Our Clients Include...
Looking For A Marketing Partner That Has Some Skin In The Game?

We'll Fund Your Ads Free And Take A % Of Revenue 
Until The Ad Spend Is Paid Back Plus Our Agency Fee.
We get you. That's why we are on a mission to help advertisers scale $100m in spend over the next 5 years to give you a new funding alternative that is less risky than lenders and banks, and delivers more value than investors.

FundMyAds offers you a flexible application process that is tailored to your needs, does not require collateral or any fundraising. Simply chat with our friendly funding expert and see how you can get your marketing budget funded.

Best of all, we also have a team of marketing specialists that you will help you come up with a killer Facebook ads strategy & funnel to grow your business and get the most out of your ad spend.

Here's how to know if we are a good fit...
 You're Generating Revenue: You've generated at least $30,000 per month in revenue the last 12 months.
 You're Based In The United States: We fund incorporated businesses based in or primarily operating in the United States.
 Have The Capacity For Growth: This is for advertisers that are ready and committed to grow fast.
 You Don't Have To Be An Active Advertiser: We don’t require you to be actively advertising currently, but we do like to see a clear path and ad strategy for the use of the funds (we can help with this).
Bonus: Get a copy of the exact audit we use to assess profitability of any marketing campaign.
Creative Audit Snapshot: Get insight into the exact ad images and copy we'd want you to scale if we did fund your ad campaign.

Audience Audit Insights: We'll give you a copy of our audit report on your most "Fundable" ad segments including your best performing ages, gender, countries, time of day, audiences, and more.

Use this PDF report to optimize and scale your campaigns even if you your account isn't a fit for us to fund right now.
Get up to $1 Million dollars to scale your ads without kill your cashflow for free when you work with our agency to manage your ads
If you're looking to grow faster without giving up equity, board seats, personal guarantees 
or insane interest rates then we are THE marketing partner for you.